New Released Watches

8th Avenue Watch Co releases new key models following Baselworld. New versions and variations of classics are released with features including: increased power reserve, cases, straps, metals, water resistancy, watch dial layout, movement, bezel, luminosity, and technology. Watch functions and displays are updated and re-worked, as brands push boundaries with innovative designs and features. New releases across a range of different categories includes sports watches, dress watches, and luxury timepieces. Design, character, and presentation are exciting when new releases debut.

A crowd favourite is always the Limited Editions. Bell and Ross, Edox, and MeisterSinger are just to name a few that will release small runs of Limited Editions- with a maximum of x500 pieces made worldwide. Among the new offerings, Anniversary Limited Editions are a special release that celebrate the roots of a brands classic elements, often stamped with a hallmark. The return of an icon is highly sought-after, and these rare watches are highly regarded by the watch community, with enthusiasts and collectors on top of the waiting list. Anticipation and curiosity for these timepieces creates high demand, and there’s just a handful allocated for the Australian market- available at 8th Avenue Watch Co.

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