Since its inception in 1883, Alpina has been a brand known for its horological innovation, and desire to constantly improve the way which things are done in the watch making world. Inspired by the legacy of their founder Gottlieb Hauser, Alpina’s mission has always been to create extremely reliable professional sports watches. Committed to manufacturing robust timepieces that perform to the highest precision in the most demanding of situations, Alpina watches have been specifically engineered to withstand the most extreme of conditions. Known for their exceptional pilots and divers’ watches, the brand has purposely designed and hand assembled each timepiece to ensure that they function from the deepest depths of the ocean, to the highest mountain peaks on earth.

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Based in Geneva amongst many of the other elite Swiss watch brands, Alpina strive to exceed the expectations that are traditionally expected with Swiss watches, in both their in-house manufactured automatic movements, and ever-evolving horological smart watches. As such, they are leaders in technological development, and determined to remain at the forefront of horological advancements. Since 2002 the brand has released five in house manufactured movements with; the Tourbillion, the Regulator, the World Timer, the Small Date Automatic, and the Flyback Chronograph Manufacture, making it one of a select few independent Swiss watchmakers that completely develop and produce their own in-house calibers. Within Australia, Alpina has been becoming increasingly popular amongst professionals and watch enthusiasts alike as the brands reputation for functionality and reliability continues to gain traction. Alpina has become the watch of choice for many of the 8th Avenue Watch Co team members, which is a testament to the brands reputation. You can find Alpina across all 8th Avenue Watch Co retail stores, and right here on our online store.

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