Stemmed from a true love story- founder of Edox, Christian Ruefli-Flury, produced a pocket watch for his wife who encouraged him to start his own watch making company in 1884. Since then, Edox created Swiss made watches with ultimate precision, withstanding demanding activities- be it above or below water surfaces, in the eternal ice or even on glowing desert sand. For more than 130 years, Edox timepieces were assembled by master watch makers who engineered timepieces with more robustness, quality and increased comfort. Their innovative ideas have since brought them to create watches for champions with recognisable designs for Formula One fans. The Edox Chronorally has become an iconic timepiece within the brand, by paying tribute to F1 racing. Professional F1 and rally car drivers appreciate the Chronorally for its modernity, and technical endurance in extreme conditions of speed and heat. The Grand Ocean collection is intrinsically linked to yachting and the water world of sailing- water resistant, and shock resistant with high precision movement.

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