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Several years ago, we had a dream to build a multi-brand watch store of Independent Swiss Made watches in Australia to fill a gap that we believed existed. With the help of a dedicated team, connectivity in the Swiss watch industry, and support from our Swiss brand partners, this dream was to create 8th Avenue Watch Co.


8th Avenue Watch Co. is Australia’s largest retailer of independent Swiss Made watches. Our Stores are now located in Melbourne’s Emporium Shopping Centre and Gold Coast’s Pacific Fair.

People appreciate that a watch is far more than an object that tells the time; there is heritage and history involved in owning a watch.

My passion for watches began with a 1954 or 1955 Omega Constellation Grand Luxe that my dad purchased around 1974. It was, in those days, a 20-year old watch. When I saw this watch with its multi-faceted gold dial, horn lugs and original "armadillo” bracelet, it was to the young me; unbelievable! When I saw the box, a burgundy-brown leather box with gold script inside, I was obsessed. The attention to detail just blew me away, even at only eight years old, something just clicked, and from that moment onward, I was hooked.

My partner then asked, "What did your Dad do, when you fell in love with his watch?” "He was a pharmacist, and his pharmacy in Bulawayo, Rhodesia was called 8th Avenue Pharmacy".  In that light-bulb moment, we came up with the name as homage to my Father.  Enjoy the experience of 8th Avenue Watch Co.

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